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          1. About Us

            Shaoguan Yalu Environment Protection Industrial Co., LTD.

            Shaoguan Yalu Environment Protection Industrial Co., LTD. was founded in September, 2005. Located in Baitu industrial park, Shaoguan city, Shaoguan Yalu Environment Protection Industrial Co., LTD. is a private technical enterprise specializing in the development of water treatment technology, the production and sales of water treatment material and equipment, and the operational service of water treatment system, with a land of 40,000sqm and 420 employees (45% of them have college education and 30% are technicians). Yalu enjoys good location now for it is only 3km away from Jingzhu railway and Jingguang railway separately.

            There are leading research & development centers inside Yalu, our experienced technicians are doing every effort to research and develop new water treatment technology, material and equipment for you; meanwhile, Yalu is closely cooperating and communicating with famous university and water treatment institutes. Up to now, Yalu has installed a well-operated QC and water treatment service management system and developed successfully new water treatment materials with independent intellectual property. We now are very skilled in the operational management of the water treatment system in iron making, steel-making, steel rolling and coking industry, treatment of domestic sewage, treatment of demineralized water of boiler and recirculated cooling water in power plant, and sewage treatment of mine industry, etc.

            Taking "Honesty, Perfect, Innovation" as our idea and "Purifying the water, Benefiting human being" as target, Yalu now is striving for serving the progress of fast-developing industry and human civilization through offering quality products, perfect service and innovative water treatment technology. Sticking to such spirit of "faster, newer, better, stronger", we are working hard on technological creativity and technical advancement, and striving to make big contribution to the leaping development of Yalu. Yalu is looking forward to cooperating with you for making a pure, fresh and natural green Earth.

            Contact Us
            Add:Baitu industrial park, Qujiang district,
            Shaoguan, Guangdong, China
            Tel:+86-751-6484256 office  +86-751-6484259,Purchase
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